You have been called
to the Kingdom
for such a time as this!

Sharon Rogles
Life & Leader Coach

Launch and Lead With Vision! Power! Purpose!

                                God Needs Leaders Now! 

      Your Voice + Your Vision + Your Valor = Victory!

We Are Living In Unpredecdented Times & 2020 Marks A New Point Of Turning For Greater Events On The World Scene. This Time Of “Revival & Survival” Is Leading The Way For The Greatest Harvest That Believers Have Been Praying For For Years. 

Crisis Moments Are A Bold Signal To True Believers That We Can No Longer Sit On The Sidelines While Our Nation Falls Apart & Falls Away From Our Christian Culture & Way Of Life! We Can No Longer Just Pray For The Laws Of The Land To Change While We Do Nothing! We Must Be Vocal & Take Action! This Is Not A Time To Be Silent! It’s Time To Stand & Vote For The Principles Of The Kingdom & That Starts With The Basic Understanding Of The Right To Freedom! It’s Not Just A Time of Revival It’s Also A Time Of Survival For Every Freedom God Has Given Us! Patriots Rise!


The Issues of Our Times Are Demanding Us To Engage At A Much Higher Level Then Ever Before! God Gave Man Dominion Over The Earth & He Expects Us To Take Our Rightful Place & Use Our Authority In His Name As We Face The Extreme Topics That Challenge Our Faith and Future.  “I GIVE YOU POWER…” Jesus

The Church Must Engage!

JOIN YOUR TRIBE! – Calling the Rebels! The Activist! Those That Stand for The Kingdom in the Circles They Serve! Bravehearts! Whistle-blowers! Warriors of Divine Destiny! Present in Mind, Body, and Soul! Awake, Aware and Rising! The Networks You Decide To Move Towards Or Away From Will Either Be Adding or Subtracting To Your Personal Purpose. Though Social Platforms Span The Globe It Can Feel Lonely As You Try To Find Those That You Truly Connect With. Surround Yourself With The People Who “get you” AND Challenge You! Truth Unites, Fear Divides! Truth Sets Us Free! It’s Time To Stand For The Kingdom!

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